Taking A Page From…

Taking A Page From...

My sketchbook. No, really, a small page from my sketchbook because I hate everything I’ve drawn with my tablet these past few weeks.

Drawn entirely with pen because i’m a masochist the revels in not being able to erase. No, really, those aren’t tears, I swear.

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About Kohou

I'm a hobby artist hoping to go further. The idea here is to post a sketch every day, at least once. Why? Because the fate of the world depends on it. Also because I need to get better at sketching, and work on my general foundations. Forcing myself to draw at least one sketch a day is a good start. That, and saving the world and stuff.

4 thoughts on “Taking A Page From…

    • But paints are so expensiiiive….

      … Though I did just buy a dip pen with g nibs and doujin paper… I have no idea what I’m doing anymore.


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