Halloween Collab!

So messy!

So messy!

Is it too late for Halloween? Nonsense! This is early Halloween art for 2014 ;_;
Featuring each artist’s favorite character. More details and extra stuff under the break.

It was supposed to be a small collab but it ended up getting more people than expected and by the time I thought we should just include everyone from SA there wasn’t really much space for new characters or time to get it all done. Apologies for that, Kirohsan and Nomhu.



Haniwa – Lordgenome (wizard), Nia (Princess Peach) and Ajimu (shark)
Jogie – Kenshin (costume not visible ;_;)
Identifier – Ika (pumpkin)
Ahren – Araragi (Dracula)
SiG – Tomoko (Pokemon XY Hex Maniac)
Tthal – Seibah (Fate/Apocrypha Frankenstein)
Itakuu – Rikka (Red Riding Hood)
Husbandofag – Renton (Nirvash Gundam)
Alchemybro – Mami (Charlotte x Miku Matroyshka hoodie)
Natsume – Mirai (angel)

Original draft


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