Absolutely Glorious


Today, I watched the Madoka Magica Movie. This is a historical moment, being that subbed anime playing in a theater 5 mins from my house happens every once in a blue NEVER.

Being the second one to get the poster, apart from this avid collector, I was surprised that the initial turnout wasn’t big, but people came in droves after 5pm.  Most /a/nons beside each other spoke not with their voices, but through the threads. Eye contact with each other followed with a nod, and solid a understanding that both of you were kin.

The atmosphere during the movie was great. Having people with like minded tastes all in one room brings everyone together. All the tragedy of the movie, experienced by a full house of (might I say well behaved) folks, brings a great feeling to my heart. The movie itself was shown with much more power in a theater, and I felt things I didn’t feel when watching the series before! I’m glad to have experienced something like this, and I look forward to the next movie.

Without further delay, the spoils:




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