Draw an Animal #6 – Hercules Beetle


Week 6, Hercules Beetle chosen by me! The pincer horn looks awesome. These updates get later and later by the weeks! As usual, put it on imgur in the comments. Wyvern week’s tally: Haniwa + Ahren + Tthal + Lt + Kky + SiG + Anon (1). Huh, one each.

Hercules beetle’s a bit more harder than the previous weeks! More details and segmented pieces; I had a bit more trouble trying to get it to look right. The legs in particular will be troublesome if you plan to do it a bit more detailed so good luck out there!


Dumb Tip: Didn’t properly research the details this time but just based off my own observation, the beetle appears to have bristles on certain spots of its body like underneath the top horn and wings. The front pair of legs face forward, and the 2 pairs of hind legs face backwards.


2 thoughts on “Draw an Animal #6 – Hercules Beetle

    • Ooh, great work. Got the forms and shapes down better than I managed, especially on the wings!
      Y-you’re the only one who did hercules beetle week ;_;


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