Draw an Animal #3 – Atlantic Canary


Week 3, it’s the Atlantic canary (AKA a generic canary) this time, chosen by Tthal[365blog]! You know the drill, draw a couple, put em’ on imgur and leave it in the comments. And a tally up for last week’s snails: Tthal[365Blog] (5), Nanatsume (4), Ahren (3), Haniwa (2), Alchemybro[365Blog] + SiG + Pierce (1). That’s one less person from the tortoise week… ;_;

Bubbles and Haniwa Snail #2

Dumb tip: Canaries have 4 clawed talons, 3 front, 1 back. Their beaks are a small cone shape, like (d) in the diagram below:

Big Pecks.


12 thoughts on “Draw an Animal #3 – Atlantic Canary

  1. Sorry for not participating last week… the last couple of weeks have been pretty weird for me ;_; I did a “canary” and a “snail” together, but things got weird pretty quickly.


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