Draw an Animal #2 – Snail

Middle: A-ahn~ Oniichan~

2nd week! Another shelled creature! …Yeah, just snail this time. Don’t know enough about em’ to find a specific species. Like before, post your work in imgur or some external source in the comments to save blog media space. This week’s was chosen by Ahren since he did the most tortoises in last week’s post. Tallied up for last week’s number of tortoises drawn! :
Ahren (6), Haniwa (3), Untitleddotpng + Smeep/SiG + Pierce + Tthal [365blog] + AlchemyBro [365blog] + Nanatsume (1)


Dumb tip: Most snails have their shell swirls on the sinistral (left) side, though this is not always necessarily the case. Sauce.


6 thoughts on “Draw an Animal #2 – Snail

    • The remnants of the value study being on the right side, dohohoh.
      Bottom left dood’s shell looks like it could tip over any moment.


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